FAQ Stands for "Frequently Asked Questions." It is generally an amalgamation of answers to some of the frequently asked questions about a specific product or service. In the Tourism sector, FAQs are created for general awareness about the Indian Tour Packages and all the necessary information about the tour related services.

They serve as a central reference for locating answers to common questions. Since FAQs are based on user feedback, they typically evolve over time. For example, a Travel company may receive a large number of emails regarding how to improve a specific facility in their services. The company may clarify the step in their FAQ so that users can find the answer without needing to email the company. This cuts down on technical support, saving time for both the travel company and the end users.

Therefore it is our request to customers to kindly go through the same and if there is any other unanswered questions and clarifications, it would be our pleasure to address the same too.

Question 1 : Is booking possible over a phone call?

Answer : Yes, you can call us on +91 8743000333 (standard charges may apply)

Question 2 : How will I be able to know the status of my booking?

Answer : Whether a booking is made online or over the phone, a confirmation would be sent to you via e-mail with necessary travel details.

Question 3 : Can I change my Hotel/Trip/Flight booking?

Answer : You may change your hotel reservation details by requesting to us on our email. However, certain charges as per the policies might be applicable.

Question 4 : How do I amend a flight reservation?

Answer : Please contact our customer service center number

Question 5 : What are the Travel Documents required to visit India?

Answer : One must possess a passport which is valid for minimum 6 months from the date of entry into India. Many countries have been included in the list of countries whose citizens are provided E-Visa facility provided they apply 72 hours in advance. Nationals from other than these countries, need to obtain Indian visa in advance to enter India.

Question 6 : Do we need Medical/Travel Insurance while we plan to visiting India?

Answer : It is highly recommended that a comprehensive medical or travel insurance is bought in advance from your country itself before travelling to India.

Question 7 : What are the modes of travel locally in India?

Answer : There are various modes of travel like Flights, Train, Metro Trains in major cities, Three Wheeler Autos, Taxis, App Based Taxis (Ola & Uber), Volvo Buses for Inter State etc.

Question 8 : What are local emergency numbers?

Answer : 100 Police 102 Ambulance 101 Fire 108 Disaster management 1091 Women Helpline

Question 9 : What are dressing tips to travel locally?

Answer : India is a culture rich country and dressing in a decent way will get another level of experience. In temples or religious places, shoes and sometime open heads are not allowed. The body should be completely cover and transparent clothes are not recommended. If traveling in late night then it is recommended to travel safely. It is recommended to keep some small portion of money in your clothes at hotel and always carry your travel documents with you safely for your hassle free identification.

Question 10 : How to modify or cancel the bookings and request for refunds?

Answer : For any modifications or booking cancellation, please contact us through email or by calling us on our phone/mobile.

Question 1 : Can I make changes to my India Tour Packages?

Answer : Yes, Trip India offer a variety of tour packages which can be customised and made according to your choice of transport, accommodation, guide and sightseeing which suits your taste and comfort but, the itinerary of a group tour or fixed departures cannot be altered. Such itineraries are designed with fixed travel dates, and all services are on a sharing basis.

Question 2 : How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

Answer : Once the booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation message via email. We will also release all your travel vouchers once all the arrangements are made and will include your booking/reservation number and travel details. You can also check your booking status online on the website by filling the details of your booking reference number and your email id or mobile number.

Question 3 : Can I place a tour booking on hold?

Answer : Yes, you can hold a booking by paying a certain amount as token advance payment based on the nature of the service and the time left for the service. The rest of the amount can be paid once all the services are confirmed as per the itinerary and the vouchers are released.

Question 4 : Do I need to book my flight tickets separately?

Answer : No, you need not to book the flight tickets separately as it will be included in your India tour package itself. However, there might be some packages on website which display 'airfare/flight optional' or 'airfare/flight inclusive'. With airfare/flight optional packages, you can decide if you want to take a package with or without airfare.

Question 5 : Is everything included in the cost of the tour package?

Answer : Generally, an Inbound tour package includes your breakfast, transport, hotels, flights, sightseeing, monument entry, etc. But if you want to pursue any other activity other than the inclusions then it has to be borne by you. In other words, anything which is not mentioned under the 'Package Inclusions' will incur an additional cost.

Question 6 : What can I expect arriving into Delhi Airport?

Answer : Once you arrive at the airport and clear immigration and customs, you'll be greeted by Trip India Representative holding a placard of your name. From there he will transfer you to your pre booked hotel. Indian airport officials don't quite seem to have fully grasped the concept of an e-ticket. You will need to provide evidence of your flight by way of a printed itinerary, or you may not be allowed entry to some airports, even for internal flights. So be sure to have this at hand along with your passport.

Question 7 : What is the duty free allowance for India?

Answer : One can bring up to two liters of alcohol or wine, 100 cigarettes and a reasonable quantity of perfume into the country for personal use.

Question 8 : Is India a suitable family holiday destination?

Answer : Yes, it certainly is, but we do recommend that children be aged over 10 to appreciate the experience of travelling to India. India has so much to interest teenagers and young adults, from tigers and temples to the Taj Mahal and holy rituals at the ghats on the Ganges Varanasi, a family holiday to India will be very educational too. On all of our group tours, we welcome teenagers aged 16 years or older, accompanied by a parent/guardian if under 18. We also offer an India with Teens tour, for families with children aged 12 and over, which follows the same itinerary as our ever popular Taj Express tour. On tailor-made holidays, there is no minimum age for children. If you are travelling as a family, we will also try and arrange adjoining rooms for your convenience.

Question 9 : What etiquette should I follow at temples in India?

Answer : One must always follow the tradition and customs of the religious places in order to avoid offense when visiting religious sites, and one must keep in mind to dress and behave appropriately. They should always wear long trousers or skirts or shorts that reach below the knee and shirts with sleeves. It's advisable that women travel with a simple shawl to cover their shoulders if needed. When entering temples shoes and hats/caps must be removed and there will usually be a shoe rack where you can leave your footwear while you wander around the temple grounds. One must refrain oneself from touching icons, carvings or statues of deities. Photography might be prohibited in certain sections of sacred sites and hence one must follow the rules. Whenever you have any doubt doubt, it is advisable to ask your local guide or tour leader for further information. Many temples may have ‘off-limit’ sections that prevent entry to tourists so please be aware of this. Part of the beauty of travel is discovering different cultures and traditions from around the world and respecting the local culture will always stand you in good stead. Note that at some sights an additional fee is charged for the privilege of taking photographs or video footage.

Question 10 : Is it safe for a single woman to travel in India?

Answer : Yes, it is always safe for a solo woman to travel in India, but it is always said “Prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, you should avoid travelling alone by yourself at night just like travelling anywhere else in the world, It is always advisable to dress covering your shoulders and legs at all times. Most of the foreign female travellers now a day prefer to wear salwar kameez, which is a local dress of India which is very comfortable, perfect when travelling in the hotter parts of India, very affordable and comes in a staggering variety of patterns and colours - a unique and practical outfit for travelling around India that will demonstrate an appreciation for the local culture. Always be respectful of the local culture, have an open-mind and you'll have a top time away in India. Indians are very friendly people who openly welcome travellers and you'll be touched by the warmth of the culture.

Question 11 : Is it okay to bargain at the markets in India?

Answer : Yes, you can always bargain when you are shopping through the local markets of India, but if you think the price is reasonable then it's fine to pay that price, because that’s the only way of living for the local traders. But when you are shopping in a branded show room of state run craft emporiums there you need not to bargain as they offer a reasonable idea of what is acceptable in terms of price and quality. One can find various carpets of quality equal to those of Persian origin, Rajasthani pottery and metalwork, embellished slippers known as jootis, jewellery in breath-taking designs. Likewise leatherwork, woodcarvings, silks and saris in spectacularly colourful designs, paintings and clothing are well priced and make excellent souvenirs

Question 12 : Is it safe to drink tap water in India?

Answer : It is always advisable to not to drink tap water in India and should only drink packed mineral water which is easily available in hotels, shops and restaurants. One must also avoid salads which may be washed in unhygienic water.

Question 13 : Why should I trust you?

Answer : It is one the leading inbound travel company operating since 2010, and the reviews of our company is excellent (Refer to the testimonials). If you are booking a tour with us, there is a flexibility of payment and only a token advance is to be paid to process the reservation, and the rest of the amount can be paid once we dispatch all your travel vouchers.

Question 1 : How come your flight prices are cheaper than other OTA websites?

Answer : Trip India don’t charge any mark-ups or fee for using our services.

Question 2 : Am I guaranteed the lowest fares?

Answer : The air fare displayed by the airlines and we don’t include any additional fees payable for using Trip India services. As such, you are assured of the lowest and best deals as applicable at the time of booking.

Question 3 : Can I book by calling your call centre?

Answer : No, we don’t provide the option of booking tickets by calling our call centre. You would be able to book tickets only on the individual airline website. For any booking-related queries, please contact the airline you booked with.

Question 4 : Why am I being redirected to another website?

Answer : You would be redirected to the airline website for booking your flight directly on them. This is how we ensure you get the cheapest “web fares” that airlines promote.

Question 5 : What do you mean by "show combinations"?

Answer : ‘Show combinations’ lets you filter different possible combinations of onward and return flights across different airlines (as well as connecting flights). You can then click on the individual airline links to book your flight directly on the airline website.

Question 6 : Why do I have to book my onward and return trips differently for combination flights?

Answer : If you are selecting combination flights, you would be re-directed to the individual airlines’ site. [For eg – for a Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi trip, onward travel (Delhi-Mumbai) on Jet Airways and return travel (Mumbai-Delhi) on Air India, you would be required to book individually on Jet Airways and Air India websites.

Question 7 : Are taxes and booking fees included in the prices that you show?

Answer : Yes, all prices shown include taxes and fees.

Question 8 : How do I cancel or change my flight reservation?

Answer : Trip India search the flights for you. If you want to change your booking you need to contact the airline partner where you bought your ticket. Our partners section has a compiled list of phone numbers and addresses of all airline partners we search.

Question 9 : There are a lot of search results. How do I find the best one for me?

Answer : You can use our filter box to show results as per your preferences. You can select or de-select airlines based on your own preferences. You can also filter according to flight timings, no. of stops and price.

Question 10 : Why does the airline website give me a different price than the one shown on Trip India?

Answer : While we try to keep our prices always up to date, airline change fares frequently - for flights departing within a few days. If you find any pricing issues on our site, please let us know and we will try to fix them as soon as possible.

Question 11 : What payment modes are accepted?

Answer : The payment mode accepted depends on the airline on which you are booking. In general, all airlines accept MasterCard and Visa and some also accept American Express and Diners Club. As an enhanced security measure, some airlines require an additional verification step – either Verified By Visa or Secure by MasterCard. When you are redirected to the airline page for making your booking, please pay attention to the payment modes available for you.

Question 12 : Who will be the merchant in my credit card statement?

Answer : Your credit card statement would reflect the name of company against payments made.

Question 13 : I know a flight exists but it doesn't show up on Trip India. Why?

Answer : We try to be as comprehensive as possible but on a return flight you might have several possible combinations. Sometimes, we are unable to show you some flights due to a provider website being temporarily unavailable.

Question 14 : Can I search international flights on Trip India?

Answer : Our priority is to provide a comprehensive search for the Indian market first. However, please check back often to get updates on addition of flights on Trip India.

Question 15 : Are international credit cards accepted?

Answer : Trip India accept International credit cards for payments. Please check for the icon in the ‘filter’ column to know which airlines accept International credit cards.

Question 16 : What does metasearch mean & how do I benefit from it?

Answer : Simply put, a metasearch engine will check and display data from several airline websites simultaneously to find you the cheapest available fares. We’ve used the metasearch technology to get you the best deals and prices from all airline partners, thus enabling you to search, check & compare every possible flight combination across all airlines at one place.

Question 17 : Who powers your metasearch technology?

Answer : Trip India’s metasearch technology is provided by Zoomtra. It also searches across multiple OTA's – Travelocity, Make mytrip & Goibibo & get the best deal.

Question 18 : Why is Trip India using Metasearch technology now?

Answer : The airline industry is in a state of change. Airlines now have introduced “web fares” – a web fare is a fare that an airline sells on its website which is much lower than what is sells through travel agents. With the increased rollout of web fares by airlines, we realized that customers who booked through travel agents – whether online or offline – were paying more than if they booked on the airline website direct. Hence, we decided, in the interest of our customers, to use metasearch technology to ensure that they can book web fares on the airline website direct, hence saving costs.

Question 1 : Can I change my hotel booking?

Answer : You may change your hotel reservation details. However, certain charges as per the hotel policies might be applicable.

Question 2 : What if my hotel voucher is lost or stolen?

Answer : For hotel bookings, please report stolen or lost vouchers to us via phone or email and we will blacklist the same. We would then issue another voucher if it has not already been utilized.

Question 3 : How can I contact Trip India?

Answer : You can call us on +91 8743000333(standard charges apply). You can also email us at contact@tripindia.co.in and our agents would respond to you in less than 1 working day.

Question 1 : Will I have to pay any charges if I cancel my hotel or package booking?

Answer : Cancellation policies and charges will depend on the hotel booked. Trip India, will charge 3% of the total transaction amount as a processing charge for all cancellations above and beyond the charges by the hotel.

Question 2 : What forms of payments can I use when making a booking?

Answer : · For online hotel bookings, only Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted. · For offline hotel and vacation bookings, Visa, Mastercard, and Amex cards are accepted. · We also accept payments by Visa Debit Cards issued by the following banks: - State Bank of India - HDFC bank - Axis Bank - Deutsche Bank - Karur Vysya Bank - Corp Bank - Indian Overseas Bank - ICICI Bank Debit Card Please note that certain cards might require a Verified by Visa (VBV) authentication. Kindly check with your bank for details. · Cash deposits in ICICI Bank will also be accepted for hotels bookings. · We also offer a cash on delivery payment option for hotel bookings. Please refer to the section below for more details.

Question 3 : If I cancel a hotel or package booking, how does Trip India refund me?

Answer : Payments made by credit card will be reversed on the card after due intimation is made. Payments made by all other forms will be refunded by cheque, issued within two working days of making the cancellation. Any applicable cancellation charges will be applied prior to making refunds.

Question 4 : What is Trip India Credit Card Security information?

Answer : Your credit card security is our priority while you transact with us. We have put in place many checks that ensure complete security for your credit card. We are keen to share this with you to reassure you of our commitment to your credit card data security. Network Security · At a network level, your card information is protected by Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology, provide by Thawte, the encryption technology industry leader. · All IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are tracked and stored. They are required to locate people who may use a card for fraudulent activities. Physical Security · Our Customer Service Executives are not allowed to carry their mobile phones or any other personal belonging on the work floor. · Note pads given to Customer Service Executives is serial numbered and shredded in that order · Access to shopping websites is barred on the work floor. Third party authorisation · For all transactions where the name of the card holder and the passenger differ, we insist on a Third Party Verification (TPA) process. The TPA is an internationally accepted methodology to check credit card fraud. Here we request the card holder to verify their card details and signatures in a faxed format, thus ensuring that the card holder is aware of the transaction. · Insist on a telephone landline and an address to facilitate investigations in the future, if required. · Cross check the validity of the transaction with the respective banker / card issuer. The Banker / Card issuer may call the call holder to authenticate this transaction. We realise that some of these security processes look cumbersome. However our interest is not only in providing you the best in class travel product but also in ensuring that your data and security is truly protected. Hence we urge you to bear with us and help us to help you.

Question 5 : Is Tripindia.co.in a safe site to make online bookings?

Answer : Yes, Trip India committed to protecting our customer’s information. Our staff of security technology professionals uses a range of the best security technology available. Your information is secured from unauthorized access from the Internet using the Thawte Certification Authority. We protect the connection between your computer and our server from eavesdropping through industry-standard encryption technology. We continually assess new technology for protecting your information to make sure that our information handling practices are in accordance with the highest industry standards and best practices on the Internet.

Question 6 : What is our privacy policy?

Answer : Trip India undertakes all possible measures to ensure that your personal details are not compromised. Please refer to our Privacy Policy outlines for measures undertaken by us to protect your personal details.

Question 7 : What are the terms and conditions that will apply to all bookings?

Answer : All transactions undertaken on www.tripindia.co.in and over the phone with our reservation agents are subject to our terms and conditions. Please review these carefully prior to making bookings.

Question 1 : What Kind of Cars Do You Provide on Your All Inclusive Tours?

Answer : In case of 2-3 persons air-conditioned Swift Dzire or Etios, in case of 4 persons AC Toyota Innova, AC Tempo Traveller for 5 – 8 persons, Mini Coach for 9 – 15 persons and Large coaches for larger groups. In case if you need a more luxurious vehicle, we can provide you the same but there may be extra cost applicable in such case.

Question 2 : How many hours is one rental day?

Answer : Generally, it is charged for 8 hrs 80 kms for a day and extra on above it, whichever is more.

Question 3 : Will I receive the exact vehicle that I chose?

Answer : Yes, you will get the exact vehicle that you chose, however there are very rare cases when we are not able to provide the exact vehicle due to some last moment mis-happenings like repairs or simply bad planning. In that case you will always receive a vehicle of equivalent or higher category that you have chosen.

Question 4 : What are the cancellation terms?

Answer : You need to cancel 48 hours prior your day of booking to avoid any cancellation charges, else you will be charged 30% of the remaining rental fee or one day’s rental fee or, whichever is greater.

Question 5 : What happens in case of breakdown?

Answer : It is very rare that there is a break down as we always check the vehicles before departure of any tour. But still we cannot eliminate the possibility of a breakdown and in that case we are always ready with the best possible alternative and for that you just need to dial the 24*7 helpline number and our customer friendly representatives are always there to assist you.

Question 6 : How Can I book a car rental in India?

Answer : Please visit our website www.tripindia.co.in, for any transport related booking in our transport segment which include various cars and buses that we rent in India and select the type of vehicle you want to book and fill the booking form for your tour or you can also send us an e mail at: info@tripindia.co.in.

Question 7 : How advance should be my car rental booking?

Answer : During the peak season October to March (high tourist season) and May to June, the Indian holiday season you need to book at least 8 months prior your tour. Hence it is advisable to book the tour in advance to avoid last moment hassle.

Question 8 : How will I be picked up from the Airport?

Answer : Trip India representative will be there to assist you and waiting there with a placard of your name and if you are coming as a group then the name of the group will be mentioned along with the arrival date, time, place and flight number. Until you meet our representative it advisable not to leave the airport or railway station. You will be provided the mobile and telephone number of the representative so that you can find each other at the particular location at the airport or railway station.

Question 9 : Does our driver understand English and other foreign languages in India?

Answer : Yes, most our drivers are well versed with English as it is widely spoken and understood at almost all tourist places in India. But keeping in mind the convenience of the traveller we generally provide qualified and government recognized multi lingual guides who also speak German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian or Russian during your sightseeing in India and will help you not only in your sightseeing, but also help you understand India better and give you useful tips for your Journey to India !

Question 10 : Can I pay in Euro, US Dollars or through credit cards in India?

Answer : In India we generally accept all the major currencies including Euro, US Dollars and Pounds and the major credit cards like Visa, Master Card and American Express are also accepted in the main hotels, restaurants and shopping centres in India. But it is advisable to convert your currency into INR to avoid any hassle at the last moment. There are many foreign currency exchange counters at the airport itself from where you can get them exchanged.

Question 1 : How can I book a multi-sector itinerary?

Answer : Multi-sector hotel rooms and vacations can be booked by calling us on +918743000333 (standard charges apply)

Question 2 : Can I make a booking over the phone?

Answer : Yes, you can call us on +91 8743000333 (standard charges apply)

Question 3 : How do I make a booking for group travel?

Answer : All type group booking requests can be mailed to us at contact@tripindia.co.in and our team will revert to you within 24 hours. Alternately calling us on +91873000333 (standard charges apply) with all details. When looking for group bookings, we request you to please include as many details of your travel as possible, as number of adults and children travelling, preferred date of travel and desired your destinations, budget etc.

Question 4 : How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

Answer : Whether a booking is made online or over the phone, a confirmation would be sent to you via e-mail, which would include your reservation/confirmation number along with voucher copy and travel details.

Question 5 : How can I make a hotel booking for a destination not listed on the site?

Answer : You can send a request to us at contact@tripindia.co.in and we will revert to you within 24 hours with options for hotels and holidays as per your requirements. You can also call us on +918743000333 (standard charges apply)

Question 6 : How will my hotel booking or vacation package be confirmed?

Answer : For all hotel bookings made on the website, you will receive a confirmation number via e-mail. For hotel and vacation packages booked over the phone, our reservation agents would process all your travel details and check for availability with the hotel. Your travel would be confirmed over e-mail as soon as we receive a confirmation from the hotel.