Locations :

Lattitude: 28.05° N,
Longitude: 75.15° E
Best Time to Visit : October to March

Weather :

Summer : 22°C to 42°C
Winter : 11°C to 20°C
Monsoon : 17°C to 32°C

Mandawa is a beautiful town renowned for its magnificent forts and palaces situated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Inhabited by the rich merchant families the city was founded in the mid18th century. According to history, Mandawa was founded by Mandu Jat. Previously Mandawa was called the “Mandu ki dhani”, then it was named as Mandu ka bas, finally it became Mandawa.  The beautiful wall paintings that decorate the havelis of Mandawa in Rajasthan allure every tourist. The history of Mandawa is all about these beautiful forts and Havelis. The city has preserved its Rajasthani charm and grandeur. The mural painting on the havellis tells the colorful history of Mandawa. There are numerous havellis and buildings which include the Bhagchandika Haveli, Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli and Lakshmi Narayan Ladia Haveli and the Newtia Haveli. 

Main Attractions
  • Dundlod Fort, Mandawa: It is located 36 Kms from Mandawa. It is basically a small town well known for the forts and havelis of 18th century. It is widely recognized for the Fort constructed by Rawal King in the 16th century.
  • Murmuria Haveli, Mandawa: Murmuria Haveli is one of the major attractions in the region that was built with the paintings of trains, George V, cars, and Venice on the walls by Balu Ram during the 1930s. The haveli also marks a long wall painting depicting a train with a crow flying above the engine.
  • Castle Mandawa, Mandawa: Mandawa was a business outpost for trading in Shekhawati area ruled by Thakur Nawal Singh. The Rajput ruler, in 1755 made a fort in order to safeguard this outpost. It is one of the top choices of the visitors to stay in.

  • Mandawa Art Emporium
  • Other local markets and bazaars
Things To Do
Places of Worship:
  • Jama Masjid, Mandawa
  • Ganesh Mandir, Mandawa
  • Harchandreshwar Mahadeo Ancient Safatic Shiv Mandir, Mandawa
  • Santoshi Mata Mandir, Mandawa
  • Raghunath Temple, Mandawa
Places of Entertainment:
  • Local Cinema Theatres
Getting There
  • By Air – The Sanganer Airport, Jaipur is the nearest airport to reach Mandawa, located at 181km from Mandawa.  The airport is well-connected with all prominent cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata and others.
  • By Railway –  Jhunjhunu Railway Station is the nearest Railway station to reach Mandawa. It is well-connected with other major cities and states of India.
  • By Road – Mandawa is well linked by State transport buses from all parts of Rajasthan.
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