Thiruvananthapuram / Trivandrum

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Lattitude: 8.5241° N,
Longitude: 76.9366° E
Best Time to Visit : September to February

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Summer : 28°C to 37°C
Winter : 20°C to 34°
Monsoon : 23°C to 30°

Thiruvananthapuram is one of the largest cities in the state of Kerala. Formerly, it was known as Trivandrum. It is the capital city of Kerala bounded by the Arabian Sea. It is located at the South-Western tip of India. Kerala is referred as the "Evergreen city of India". Being India's largest city in South India, it is a major tourist centre for every traveler. Dating back to 1000 BCE, it is an ancient region with trading traditions. The city gets its name from from the Malayalam language word, Thiru-anantha-puram that means "Abode of Lord Ananta". It was names after Anantha Padmanabha or Lord Vishnu. The first history of Kerala was appearing in the inscriptions of the Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka (269-232 B.C.). Marthanda Varma founded the princely state of Thiruvithamkoor in the year 1729 and after shifting from Padmanabhapuram in Tamil Nadu, Thiruvananthapuram was made the capital in 1745. The city came into being on 01st November 1956 from Travancore. It is a home place for many ancient temples. The city has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It comprises of windy backwaters, historical buildings, tranquil beaches and others. The city is also famous for pilgrimage centre where Padmanabha Swamy Temple is one of the prominent ancient temples that attract thousands of tourists from all over India. It is a paradise for beach lovers. 

Main Attractions
  • Napier Museum, Trivandrum:  Napier Museum is right in the heart of the Thiruvananthapuram city situated in the Museum compound. It reveals a glimpse of Kerala's rich cultural heritage. The Museum is named after the former Madras Governor General, John Napier. The architectural styles of this museum are most attractive as it is a blend of Mughal, Chinese and Italian architecture.
  • Puthe Maliga Palace Museum, Trivandrum:  It is another main attraction of the city Trivandrum. It is said to be 200-year-old palace of the Travancore maharajas. Tourist can also visit Chitrali Museum that consists of historical memorabilia, photographs and portraits from the Travancore dynasty.
  • Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum: Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple is one of the most renowned temples in the state of Kerala. It is the world’s richest Hindu temple. The structure of the temple is a fusion of the indigenous Kerala style and the Dravidian style. Main deity of this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu enshrined in the "Anantha Shayanam" posture. Lakhs of devotees visit this temple every year.
  • Zoological Zoo/Gardens, Trivandrum: Zoological zoo of Trivandrum is the oldest zoo in India that was established as early as 1859. Similarly, the Botanical Gardens are also the oldest of their kind in India. It is a unique and most breathtaking landscape. It is one of the best tourist places and offers tourism and recreation for visitors reaching from outside Kerala and overseas. It was considered as picnic spots in the past.
  • Shri Chitra Art Gallery, Trivandrum: Shri Chitra Art Gallery is one of the best art galleries in Thiruvananthapuram. This art gallery was established in the year 1935 inaugurated by Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma. The gallery consists of some unique collection of traditional and contemporary paintings where works from the Mughal, Rajput, Bengal, Rajastani, and Tanjore schools of art are displayed here.
  • Natural History Museum, Trivandrum: It is one of the most important tourist attractions of Trivandrum. There are many galleries inside the Natural History Museum that will be a very rewarding experience for everyone. It houses a variety of rich collection of ethnographic items. There is a library and also a laboratory can be found in the museum.
  • Mateer Memorial Church, Trivandrum: It is one of the oldest congregations in South India started in 1838.  This church dates back to the arrival of the Rev. John Cox, the first LMS missionary in Trivandrum. It is situated in the heart of the city Trivandrum. It is a must visit place for every tourist visiting Trivandrum.
  • St Joseph's Cathedral, Trivandrum:  This Church is also known as Palayam Palli. Believers from far and wide come here to visit this church to receive heavenly blessings. It is located at Palayam of Trivandrum. It is the Cathedral Church of the Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum. In 1873, the Church was mainly constructed for the Military’s residence. It is white in color and was renovated during the period 2008 to 2010.

  • Avenue Centre Shoppe Multi Branded Shopping Complex, Trivandrum
  • Attukal Shopping Complex, Trivandrum
  • Mall of Travancore, Trivandrum
  • Siso Mall, Trivandrum
  • Artech World Mall, Trivandrum
  • Saphalyam Shopping Complex, Trivandrum
  • Ramachandran Textiles, Trivandrum
  • Kedaram Shopping Complex, Trivandrum
  • Max Fashion, Trivandrum
  • Mega Mart, Trivandrum
  • Vattiyoorkavu Shopping Complex, Trivandrum
  • Narmada Shopping Complex, Trivandrum
  • M Square, Trivandrum
  • Connemara Market, Trivandrum
  • Pothys, Trivandrum
  • Saphalyam Complex, Trivandrum
  • Big Bazaar, Trivandrum
  • Local Markets, Trivandrum
Things To Do
Places of Worship:
  • Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum
  • Pazhavangadi Ganapathi Temple, Trivandrum
  • Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, Trivandrum
  • Sreekanteswara Temple, Trivandrum
  • Parasurama Temple Thiruvallam, Trivandrum
  • Palayam Juma Masjid, Trivandrum
  • Karikkakom Sri Chamundi Temple, Trivandrum
  • Lourdes Forane Church, Trivandrum
  • Mateer Memorial Church, Trivandrum
  • St Joseph's Cathedral, Trivandrum
Places of Entertainment:
  • Veli Lake and Tourist Village, Trivandrum
  • Sri Chitra Art Gallery, Trivandrum (Cultural Art Gallery)
  • Hawa Beach, Trivandrum (Public Beach)
  • Magic Planet, Trivandrum (Theme Park)
  • Priyadarshini Planetarium, Trivandrum (Planetarium)
  • Tagore Theatre, Trivandrum (Movie Theatre)
  • Ariesplex SL Cinemas, Trivandrum (Movie Theatre)
  • Harisree Theatres Thiruvananthapuram (Movie Theatre)
  • Krishna Theatre, Trivandrum (Movie Theatre)
  • Aswathy Movie Theatre, Trivandrum (Movie Theatre)


Getting There
  • By Air –Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest Airport to reach Trivandrum. It is well connected with other major cities in India.
  • By Railways – Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station is the nearest railway station to reach Trivandrum. It is well connected with all major cities in India.
  • By Road – Trivandrum is well connected with road to all the major cities in Kerala. 
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