Locations :

Lattitude: 23.25°N N,
Longitude: 82.55°E E
Best Time to Visit : September to March

Weather :

Summer : 28°C to 40°C
Winter : 08°C to 20°C
Monsoon : 18°C to 30°C

Baikunthpur is a small hamlet in Koriya District which is located towards the north-east of Chattisgarh state. This beautiful town is situated at an average elevation of about 529 meters. The town is renowned for Churcha, which is the major coal mine of the district. This town lies on the river basins of Ganga and Mahanadi. The large portion of the basin is drained by rivers such as Hasdeo, Gobri, Gopad and Teej, hence this region is surrounded with lush green forest of bamboo, gamhar, khair, shisam, sal, mahua, tendu and various other trees. Baikunthpur is rich in mineral resources specially coal, limestone, fire clay and red oxide. The major tourist attraction of this town is various splendid waterfalls such as Amrit Dhara Falls, Gavar Ghat Falls and Ramdhara Falls. 

Main Attractions
  • Ramdhar Waterfall: Surrounded by dense woodland, Ramdhar Waterfall offers the panoramic view. The height of this beautiful water fall is estimated to range between 100 feet to 120 feet. It is one of the major attraction of Baikunthpur.
  • Gavar Ghat Waterfalls, Baikunthpur: It is about 60feet high and 5kms wide waterfall, which is located about 5kms away from this one in a village named Tarra. The banks of the waterfall also prove to be an excellent picnic spot with drizzling water drops and cool winds.
  • Manas Bhavan, Baikunthpur: It is a state run plac Organized and supervised by the state government of Chattisgarh, which hoists most of the cultural activities and events in Baithunpur. This building is the venue for multiple conferences, lectures, festivals and activities.

  • Local Markets 
Things To Do
Places of Worship:
  • Ramdaiya Temple
  • Hanuman Temple
  • Prembagh Shiv Mandir,
  • Kudargari Devi
  • Madina Masjid Rampur
Places of Entertainment:
There is few Malls and multiplex are available in Baikunthpur. Entertainments in this town is mainly depends local cinema halls, which are located across the city.
Getting There
  • By Air – Instead of Baikunthpur you can a get flight to Varanasi Airport on regular basis, about 231 km away from Baikunthpur.
  • By Railway – There are regular trains from other major cities of the country to Baikunthpur.
  • By Road – Baikunthpur does not have a bus stand. Nearest option is Renukoot, about 112 km away from Baikunthpur.
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