Locations :

Lattitude: 26.75°N N,
Longitude: 95.1°E E
Best Time to Visit : October to April

Weather :

Summer : 16°C to 32°C
Winter : 08°C to 23°C
Monsoon : 12°C to 27°C

Mon is an enchanting and skillful town located in Mon district of Nagaland. Tourist can get mesmerizing view of tattooed faces wearing feathery garments that depicts the colorful culture of Naga tribes. Mon has an interesting history with lots of local sightseeing. It is a virgin destination that is still untouched. Mon is home to famous Konyak Nagas, who are known as 'those violent headhunters with tattooed faces’. It is believed that they were direct descendants of Noah, who crossed the historic gate known as Alemkaphan known as the gate of the sun. History reveals that the inhabitants of Mon are mostly from lower Burma. Mon Kingdom was founded by two Mon brothers, Prince Samala and Prince Wimala in 573, and from this the land got its name as ‘Mon’. For several centuries, this kingdom flourished in peace and prosperity before Burman dynasty. Mon people were very talented and skillful. Later, it was occupied by the Burman, people of Mon were oppressed, persecuted, burned in holocausts, many pregnant lady were killed and fled further south into Burma’s Tenasserim Division and east into Thailand. Though this land doesn’t have lots of sightseeing places but still attracts tourist from all over India as well as from abroad because of its unique culture. Mon as a part of Nagaland is famous for tribal tourism that binds indigenous culture. 

Main Attractions
  • Chui Village, Mon: Mon is a district where one can find the largest tribe among the Nagas. It is a popular village in Mon district which offers a fascinating glimpse of the Konyak Naga lifestyle. One can witness their history in their craftwork, like carvings, daos, head brushes, headgear, necklaces, etc.
  • Longwa, Mon: It is an important tourist attraction destination that straddles the international boundary line between India and Myanmar. It is around 20 km away from Mon. It is one of the largest village in the district of Mon where four rivers flow through the village. There is an interesting house named ‘The Angh's house’, believed to be more than 500 years old lies half in India half in Myanmar. The villagers residing here have dual citizenship.
  • Shangnyu Village, Mon: It is one of the most prominent village located in the district of Nagaland ruled by the hereditary chief, Angh. Main attraction of this village is the Palace of the Chief, carved with images of human beings and other living creatures. There are also many memorial stones outside.  

  • Local bazaars and markets
Things To Do
Places of Worship:
  • Konyak Baptist Church, Mon
  • St. John Bosco Church, Mon
Places of Entertainment:
  • There are no entertainment places in Mon, Nagaland.
Getting There
  • By Air – Jorhat Airport in Assam is the nearest airport to reach Mon, located 161km away from Mon. The airport is well-connected with all prominent cities like Guwahati, Kolkata, Delhi of India.
  • By Railway – Bhoju railway station in Assam is the nearest Railway station to reach Mon. It is well-connected with other major cities in Assam.
  • By Road – Mon is well linked by State transport buses from all parts of Nagaland.
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