Travel tips for Senior Citizens travelling in India

Tips for Senior Citizens Visiting India

The most important thing before travelling is to plan the trip properly with the following steps:

  • Give the responsibility to a single family member to make the reservations and coordinate getting the right frequent flyer credit. Thankfully, popular award tracking programs allow users to include the accounts of family members.
  • Always book a non-stop flight even if it is of higher fare as it reduces the total travel time and reduces the chance of missed connection.
  • Make your travel plan at the right time of the day preferably mid-morning or early afternoon departures as travel early in the morning or at night can be exhausting.
  • Always try to travel with your family or any known member of the family. Travel with family ensure the safety of our loved ones, at least when they’re no longer in the air.
  • Once you have cross the age of 60 you start suffering from general health issues found in many cases for example, diabetes, cough, headache, leg ache and others. Hence it is always advisable to carry the necessary and emergency medicines prescribed for you in proper quantity because sometimes, you could not find medicines which are required for your diseases.
  • It is very necessary to get yourself covered by medical and accident insurance while travelling to other country as medical treatment abroad is very costly and many countries reject visa for senior citizens if they not medically insured. Safety is the main concern while travelling solo in India as a senior citizen.
  • The most important travel tip for senior citizens is to take adequate rest while their travel and do not travel less in a single day. Adequate rest helps them to keep travelling for a longer period.
  • Plan out the places to be visited well in advance as per your health and age. Avoid visiting places which do not suit your age and health. Select them as per your like, weather and safety issues.
  • One need to carry a valid ID proof where the age is mentioned in order to avail special services in many places such as Indian Railways where you get a senior citizen discount.
  • It is always advisable for all senior citizens to make their luggage as light as possible and not to carry more weight, but not to forget their important medicines and other useful and safety related things to make your travel comfortable and easy.
  • Some other general tips while travelling to India are like inform your relatives or friend about your travel plan which must include your flight, hotel and other important details and contact numbers. Avoid eating street food. Carry all the necessary medical documents.

  • Do not play with the odds and you are safe to roam anywhere in India.
How can Foreign Senior Citizen Tourists move around easily in India?

With more free time to spend after retirement and less familial burdens more and more senior citizens are taking up travel as a way to socialize and to keep their lives engaged and active. Age however, make them vulnerable to physical stress and fatigue, detailed preparation therefore is recommended. When travelling : - always book with a trusted and experienced travel partner, if possible travel in groups this way you have physical and moral support; for moving from one city to another take a domestic flight rather than travelling by road and prefer private means of transport over public transport it will more comfortable and physically less exhausting even on a shoe-string budget it will be easily affordable; pack your medicine box with all your prescribed medicine; mind your diet; carry some healthy snacks with you; India is hot drink a lot of water or you will suffer from dehydration; refrain from making extensive travel plans and keep some room for much needed rest.
Follow these standard protocols and you will have a time of your life.

What are the ideal tourist destinations for Foreign Senior Citizen Tourists in India?

According to an estimate based on a survey approximately 7.3 million senior citizen tourists are expected to visit India in the next one year lured by its culturally rich heritage. Locations like Rajasthan and Agra with their magnificent palaces, burgeoning forts and monuments, vibrant culture and forlorn desert; spiritual cities of Ujjain in centre, Puri in East, Rameswaram and Tirupati in South, Varanasi, Haridwar and Rishikesh in North; exotic temples of Khajuraho with their sensual carvings and temple structures of Hampi both UNESCO heritage sites; waterways and tangled mangroves od Sundarbans another UNESCO heritage site; backwaters of ‘God’s own country’ Kerala; alluring hills of Ooty with its colonial bungalows and Scotland of Inde – Coorg; French colonial city of Pondicherry which reminds of the southern French towns of Corsica; hills towns and tea plantations of Darjeeling in east and Munnar in South; pristine, sun warmed beaches of Goa; Unparalleled scenic beauty of Shillong in North East are a few of the many ideal destinations for foreign Senior Citizen tourists in India.

What are the eating options for Foreign Senior Citizen Tourists in India?

Indian cuisine offers a wide range of savory alternatives. Apart from the renowned Tandoori, Mughlai and Curry food which is easily available in every nook and corner of the country from street vendors to Five Star hotels, India is a haven for vegetarians as they constitute 40% of our population. In the regional column there is traditional South Indian cuisine with rice as a staple grain and the unique method of serving the food on banana leaves; Duck Meat Curry from Assam; Litti-Chokha from Bihar; Fish Peera, Fish Polly, Appam, Fried Prawns and Banana Chips from Kerala; Hyderabadi Biryani; Gujarati snacks; Unparalleled and delicious street food from Delhi & Mumbai; Rajasthani Marwari Food; Awadhi Meat delicacies from Lucknow; Kolkata fish; Hot & Spicy Snacks and Street Food of Varanasi and Prawns, Crabs, Fish, Vindaloo [Portuguese curry dish] and Feni [special Goan beer made of cashews]. And in the international section any and every variant of cosmopolitan food – authentic Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese; French; Lebanese; Vegan, Molecular; Pub Food; American; Asian Fusion is easily available in India.

Does India have good Medi-Care Facilities for Foreign Senior Citizen Tourists?

Indian medi-care facilities are one of the best and most economical in the world. India has many of the leading hospital brands and medical colleges equipped with cutting edge medical technologies and greatest infrastructure; teams of diagnosticians and surgeons with best know-how in their respective field of expertise capable to performing any invasive and non-invasive procedure in medicine. Patients from around the world visit here to avail medical benefits and undergo complex surgeries and avail medical benefits because of affordability.

What should I refrain from doing in India?

When in India stay at all cost away from recreational drugs; do not consume local made liquor, do not consume raw food, meat or unpasteurized dairy products; refrain from possessing antiques; ivory items, excessive local currency and pornographic material; do not drink water from running taps, do not venture out in public unchaperoned and refrain from discussing religion or trying to convert anyone.

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