Tips for Women Visiting India

Tips for Women Visiting India

  • Planning a trip overseas is a Herculean task in itself, however if you are a solo female traveler from Europe, Australia or USA envisaging a trip to an Asian country the trouble becomes two folds. However, if you planning is detailed and intelligent and you are confident enough to brave the initial cultural bumps, you are in for the most enriching experience of your life time
  • First thing that hits to hard when you land in India are people. They are 1.2 billion and they are all around, on the streets, in the cafés, shops, restaurants, public spaces, offices literally everywhere. They are a curious lot, they stare at you men, women and children not covertly but openly sometimes they turn 3600 just to have a good look at you.
  • They often offer to takes pictures and selfies with you, sometimes some impertinent young man would not even bother to ask before taking a picture in which case you should ask your tour guide to tell him to refrain. Otherwise people here are helpful and welcoming
  • Second bombshell that drops is the disparity in culture. Visiting and staying in India is not the same as staying in any European or American country or even some other Asian countries like Thailand or Singapore. You cannot do all or behave in a manner you want to. You have to be very wary of your deportment
  • India could be many things but bohemian, public display of affection is totally looked down upon. Liberally talking to person of opposite sex is taken as a sign of flirtatious behavior and might subject you to some uninvited trouble from the man’s side
  • People address and greet without touching each other, nobody is supposed to demand or implant a kiss on your cheek not unless you are a 5 year old. Women also do not share seats with men they are not related to either legally or by blood. So if a man leaves his seat when you sit beside him, he is not being brash but a gentleman for respecting your space
  • Dress conservatively, people are judged by the way they dress do not wear kickers, shorts, minis or tank tops. The idea is not to bare your shoulders and legs or you will invite undesired stares and considered available
  • Do not travel alone at night, also if your visit to a particular region tallies with some local festivities do not be too adventurous and participate in the celebrations. If possible avoid the crowd altogether as a lot of intoxicated men would be frequenting the streets in the name of ceremony and you will be subjected to groping and sexual assault
  • Always carry your on toilet paper role. Indians have different sanitation habits and the use water instead of toilet papers
  • Though Sanitary Pads are easily available at all drug / medicine stores, bring your own tampons they are not available anywhere
  • Carrying and doing drugs is a criminal offence in India stay clear on that account. Do not accept any drinks or eatables from a stranger especially a man
  • Bring your medicines with you they might or might not be available in the medicine stores here and you are bound to get an upset tummy with all the spicy curries you are gorging on

  • Do not play with the odds and you are safe to roam anywhere in India.
What should women tourist wear in India?

Women visiting India should wear loose-fitting cotton or linen clothes like full sleeves cotton dress, at least knee length tunics and skirts, loose cotton pants and capris. Since it is the only working strategy to beat the scorching Indian summers. No fabric other than cotton or linen is more suited to subdue the heat, and as counter intuitive as it may sound, covered arms can actually prevent sun burns that are quite common when the mercury soars to 48oC.
Another reason for covering yourself is that Indians are not very liberal especially when it comes to the attire of their women, baring legs and shoulders is considered coquettish and might rouse some unwanted glares.

Is it safe for women to travel alone in India?

The first concern for any female traveller planning to undertake a journey to a faraway land is safety. For women travellers, safety is sometimes the only concern that thwarts their wanderlust. No place in the world is safe for women, if we do not act carefully and judiciously. India too in no exception. If we do not accept media reports blindly, India is perfectly safe for female travellers.
In fact, more and more women these days travel alone in India and to India. A majority of Indian men are truly respectful towards women. India has made much progress and became more advanced in last one decade, it has some excellent amenities to hospitability experiences to offer to a visiting tourist. If you follow some basic safety rules that you would otherwise adhere to at your own home too and do not play against the odds you are perfectly safe in India.

Can females wear shorts in India?

It is advised not to. Though wearing sleeve less shirts and dresses is more and more becoming a trend during the summers in metros these days, wearing shorts and minis which expose your thighs is still not accepted in India.

Is India Street Food safe to eat?

Not everything in India is too spicy or too hot for you to relinquish it completely, pay attention to hygiene and Indian Do not eat anything which is raw and not peeled and cut before your eyes. Do not eat raw meats or un pasteurized dairy products. Approach the restaurants and vendors popular with locals. And the India street food is something that will relish your palate, an experience you will take home with you.

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