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Paragliding and Scuba Diving Tours

Paragliding & Scuba Diving Tours are thrill and fun filled expeditions to hilly terrains and sea shores that are host locations to these adventure pursuits. Some of us seek relaxation and serenity in our vacations, for some it is adrenaline rush in the veins that pushes out outside the bound of our homes and geographical territories. And for those to whom adventure packed with thrill is the keyword, Trip India’s Paragliding and Scuba Diving Tours might just be the much-desired unleashing. Experts at Trip India have put forth an exclusive list of destinations where you can quench your thirst for some adventure. Here are some of the most popular Trip India’s Paragliding and Scuba Diving Tours where you can learn a thing of two about the sport of your choice – 4D Camping, Trekking and Paragliding Tour of Bir Billing, McLeod Ganj Weekend Paragliding and Trekking Tour, Air Safari in Rishikesh, Paragliding in Mussoorie, Paragliding in Dehradun, Paragliding in Kamshet, Parasailing in Bangalore, Paramotoring in Gurgaon, Parasailing in Goa, Parasailing in Chennai and Kerala; Scuba Diving in Malvan, Scuba Diving in Tarkarli, Grand Island Scuba Diving Tour, Gokarna Scuba Diving Tour Package, Pondicherry Scuba Diving Tour, Andaman Scuba Diving Package.
Get ready for the most thrilling adventure experiences with Trip India’s organised and well-planned Paragliding and Scuba Diving Tours.
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Goa Tour with Scuba Diving

03 Nights / 04 Days

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‘Goa Tour with Scuba Diving’ package is one of the best itinerary to know about the stunning places of Goa. During this tour one can visit the spectacular....

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Paragliding Tour to Manali

02 Nights / 03 Days

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‘Paragliding Tour to Manali’ is a well designed itinerary to know about the most beautiful city of Himachal Pradesh i.e. Manali. The city is famous for it....

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