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Lattitude: 26.75°N N,
Longitude: 94.22°E E
Best Time to Visit : September to March

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Summer : 16°C to 32°C
Winter : 09°C to 27°C
Monsoon : 25°C to 31°C

The gateway to upper Assam and to the state of Nagaland, Jorhat is the major city of Assam.  It lies on the central part of Brahmaputra Valley, bounded by Lakhimpur district on north, Nagaland state on the south, Sivasagar on the east and Golaghat on the west.  The History and culture of this amazing city is very rich.  It was the last capital of the Ahom dynasty and it is the home of various historical monuments. Jorhat is often called as "The Cultural Capital of Assam", as the city is belongs to various renowned Artists, writers, musicians and may more. The meaning of the "Jorhat" is two hats or markets that is named after “Macharhat” and “Chowkihat” two major markets during the 18th century which was existed on the two different banks of the river Bhugdoi. One of the oldest golf course in Asia, Jorhat Gymkhana Club is located here, which is the third oldest in the world. Jorhat is the largest and oldest Tea Experimental Station in the world.

Main Attractions
  • Chandrakanta Handique Bhavan, Jorhat: It serves as the headquarters of the Assam Sahitya Sabha. The office was founded in 1926 in memory of Radhakanta Handique and was donated by him. The Chandrakanta Handique Bhavan is regarded as the symbol of literary excellence, the city is known for.
  • Cinnamora Tea Estate, Jorhat: The Cinnamora tea estate started functioning in the year 1850. The tea estate was set up by Maniram Dewan. The tea estate is located within 10 kilometres from the Jorhat city centre. It is a treat to walk on the narrow lanes bounded by short tea bushes.
  • Dhekiakhowa Namghar, Jorhat: It is one of the most revered religious destinations in Jorhat. It was established by saint-reformer Madhavdeva, a disciple of Srimanta Sankardeva at a small village which was later named as Dhekiakhowa. It is located about 15 kilometres from Jorhat city.
  • Gymkhana Club, Jorhat: It is one of the oldest reminders of the British presence in Jorhat. In the year 1876 the Gymkhana Club was officially inaugurated as a recreation centre for the British managing the tea estates in and around Jorhat. The Club has a 9-hole golf course and is the oldest golf course in Asia and the third oldest in the world
  • Garh Ali, Jorhat: It is also known as the Bibuddhi Ghar as there are confusing pathways along this historic site. It is also believed that when the Moamarias tried to attack Jorhat, they got bewildered seeing the embankment and thus the place got the name of Bibuddhi Ghar.
  • Hollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Jorhat: It is the only wildlife sanctuary in India which is home to the hillock gibbon, the only gibbon found in the country. It is located about 20 kilometres from Jorhat town. The sanctuary has a small rest house that can be booked in advance.
  • Burigosain Devalay, Jorhat: It is located in the city centre and highly revered by people from all over the region as well as tourists. The main deity of the temple is Burigosain. An idol of a priest is also to be found in the shrine.
  • Bilveswar Shiva Temple, Jorhat: The temple is located on the South Trunk Road, in the northern part of the district. It is actually around 35 km away from Jorhat City. The architecture of this temple has distinct resemblance to other religious structures that were built during the days of the Ahom kingdom.
  • Kunwari Pukhuri, Jorhat: It is a grand tank located on the outskirts of the town of Jorhat and a popular destination for the tourist. The tank draws its name from Parbatia Kunwori, the granddaughter of the Ahom king, Sataialia Dilabandha Borgohain who is said to have constructed the tank.
  • Karanga, Jorhat: It is a small village in Jorhat district close to the district headquarters of Jorhat town. The Karange village is famous for its black smithy. The black smiths at Karanga cater to the vast demand of the nearby tea gardens.
  • Lachit Borphukan's Maidam, Jorhat: It is exactly located at Gohain Gaon of Meleng Hulungapar and is about eight kilometres from the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary. A visit to Lachit Borphukan’s maidam is like being transported back to the glorious days of Ahom rule. The maidam which is still colorfully decorated is an apt reminder of the Ahom rule.
  • Nimati, Jorhat: It is about 17 kilometers from Jorhat city centre. The Ghat also serves as the entry point to Majuli, the largest river island in the world. The river port is not only of importance to Jorhat but to several neighboring towns and villages in Upper Assam.
  • Magolu Khat, Jorhat: It is located about 6 kilometers away from the Jorhat city centre. The site stands as a symbol of what a king could do for his wife. Though the place lies in ruins today, the aura and the memories haven’t diminished yet. The site may not be majestic in the quintessential way, but it is beautiful in its own rights.
  • Raja Maidam, Jorhat: The Raja Maidam is very conveniently located in the centre of Jorhat town. It is the vault that lies on the south banks of Tocklai River. The maidam is beautifully maintained, and the vault is majestic in its own distinctive way.
  • Purnananda Buragohain Maidam, Jorhat: It is located about 5 kilometres from the Jorhat city centre on the way to Sibsagar. The maidam is not only historic but also beautifully built that highlights the glory of the deceased king.
  • Tocklai Tea Research Centre, Jorhat: It is located on the Club Road and is easily accessible by public transport. Tourists can get a glimpse of how tea research is done in this part of the world.

  • Piyali market
  • Gazpur Market
  • Chowk Bazar
  • City plaza
  • Kachori Gali (Radhiya babu Lane)
  • ABS Mall (Pantaloons & INOX multiplex)
Things To Do
Places to worship:
  • Hatibaruah Namghar
  • Barbheta Namghar
  • Bengali Temple
  • Boddha Vihar Jorhat
  • Har Gauri Ganesh Temple
  • Laxmi Narayan Mandir
  • Shrimanta Shankar Temple
  • Mary Mother Church
Places of Entertainment:
  • Gymkhana Club, Jorhat
Getting There
  • By Air- Nearest airport is Jorhat airport (5km) also known as Rowriah Airport, it is connected to Guwahati and other Indian cities
  • By Railway- Jorhat Railway Station is connected to Mariyani, Tinsukia, Lumding and Dimapur. Guwahati Jorhat Shatabdi, Guwahati Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express, Kamrup Express are some of the trains connecting Jorhat to other Indian cities. The station is on the Mariyani –Farketing railway line.
  • By Road – The Assam State Transport Corporation has buses from Jorhat to Tinsukia, Sibsagar, Guwahati, Itanagar etc. The ferry service at Niyamati Ghat and the launch takes one from Jorhat to Majuli. Private buses are also there.
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